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Create your Own Box of Premium Roses by quantity. 

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Our Roses are Top Quality, Premium Colombian Roses, long-stem (27.5 inches/70 cm)

Erik Ono, an expert designer at ProFlowers, says that giving Roses on Valentine's Day is the classic gift. He states that according to the quantity and color of Roses, you can also send a specific, romantic message. 

What are the meanings of Rose Colors?

Red I love you
The classic symbol of love and commitment. 
White I belong to you
White Roses surprise everyone and are symbols of how much you give to the person you love. 
Pink  Thank You
When you want to express your deepest gratitude to your lover or friend. 
Yellow I'll Look after you
Whether its your lover or your friend, this color symbolizes how much you care. 
Salmon With Red I'm Falling for you 
Let that special someone know that you're starting to feel something more...
Red & White We're a great couple
A mixed bouquet of Red and White Roses symbolize the encounter of two soulmates. 

What is the meaning behind Quantity? :

Flowerology studies the meaning behind colors and quantities in Flowers. The lenguage of love using Roses dates back to the Victorian era (XVIII century) when lovers had to create codes and secret messages when they had a forbidden love.  


This Box of Premium Roses Includes:

+Selected amount of Roses

+Printed Card with your Personalized Message.

+Bogota Delivery.*Restrictions Apply


Quantity Meaning
7 Roses I care for you.
9 Roses We'll be together forever. 
10 Roses You're perfect. 
11 Roses You're my treasure. 
12 Roses I'm yours. 
13 Roses Friends forever. 
15 Roses I'm sorry
20 Roses I'm completely honest with you
21 Roses I'm commited to you.
24 Roses Always yours
25 Roses Congrat.
50 Roses Unconditional Love
99 Roses I'll Love you Forever
108 Roses Would you marry me?
999 Roses I want you 'till the end of times. 

Color Availability:

It may be possible that a specific color is not available. Please include a second option in the field "Client Notes" when checking out with your order. Our Florists will make sure your customer experience is the best possible.



Tips and Advice when giving Box of Roses:

Remember these tips when giving our beautiful Box Of Roses:

1. The person receiving the Roses should have a vase with water ready. As soon as the flowers arrive, they should be put in water. ROSES REQUIRE WATER IMMEDIATELY.

2. Send the roses directly to your recipient's home, if possible. Try to avoid sending roses to an office that might cause inconveniences such as transportation or proper storage.

3. If you wish to send roses to an office, send a Flower Arrangement that includes a Glass vase such as these Flower Arrangement in a Glass Vase.

At JM FLOWERS we care about the Environment with our Reusable Boxes in Bogota:

Las Floristerias en Bogota JM Reciclan

Our Boxes at JM FLOWERS are made with corrugated fiberboard with the following advantages:

1. Corrugated fiberboard is flexible and light.
2. Less materials involved, less trees used.
3. Corrugated fiberboard is easy to reuse and recycle. 

4. 100% biodegradable.
5.Easy to unpack and fold.


Boxes up to Nine (9) Roses: Length= 27,5 inches (70 cm )x  Width= 3,9 inches (10 cm) x Height= 2,7 inches (7 cm.)

Boxes of 10 - 20 Roses: L=  29,9 inches (76 cm) x W= 6,6 inches (17 cm) x H= 3,1 inches (8 cm)

Boxes of 21- 25 Roses: L= 31,8 inches (81 cm) x W= 7 inches (18 cm) x H= 3,1 inches (8 cm)

* Important: When our florists pack the roses inside the box, it is necessary to organize them accordingly. For this reason the stems range between 17,7 inches - 27,5 inches. 

This product is delivered today if you choose today's date when placing the order and if you confirm the payment before 1:00 PM Colombian time and it is not a Sunday or a holiday.

Funerals have priority and it is possible to deliver them if you confirm the payment before 3:00 p.m. Colombian time.

If you have an emergency, do not hesitate to contact us by email, or chat, and we will review how we can help.

How much do you charge for Delivery in Bogota?

Pick-Up (+ 3 business hours): If you choose to pick-up your order at Floristería JM, the cost will be $0 (no cost) , we will require 3 business hours to prepare your order after Payment has been placed.

How can I reduce Shipping Costs? By making sure the final price of your order is over COP$40.800 (>USD$13.9)

Delivery Fees for pre-determined Dates: Orders must be OVER  COP$40.800 (>USD$13.9)

Zonas de Envio de Flores a Bogota

An EXTRA FEE is charged for ORDERS less than COP $40.800 (USD 13,90):  COP $14.900 additional to the fees above.(USD 4,99).

Remember that if the final price of your order is less than $40.800 (USD$13.9), we will add an EXTRA FEE of COP 14,900 (USD$4.99) to your order.

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