Traditional Gift Baskets

Traditional Gift Baskets are perfect assortment of delicacies in a beautiful hand-made Basket. They usually include crackers, liquor and/or preserves. 

Remember that a personal message with your Gift Basket will leave a memorable impression on your recipient. Write your own message and we will print a small card with it. 

Browse other types of Gift Baskets Below. All of them are carefully arranged and packed with a Ribbon.

Browse other Gift Baskets:


Christmas Gift Baskets

Eve Gift Box with Folding Breakfast Table

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COP$195.300 (Including tax) COP$279.000
Fruit Arrangement with Cheese and Crackers

In Stock

COP$139.300 (Including tax) COP$199.000
Family Gift Basket 2018

Only 3 in Stock. Order Soon!

COP$203.000 (Including tax) COP$290.000
Gold Gift Basket

Only 2 in Stock. Order Soon!

COP$170.800 (Including tax) COP$244.000
Gourmet & Deli Gift Basket

In Stock

COP$209.300 (Including tax) COP$299.000
Our Celebration Gift Basket

In Stock

COP$174.930 (Including tax) COP$249.900
International Gift Basket

In Stock

COP$180.600 (Including tax) COP$258.000